Monday, February 20, 2012

My weekend in photos!

Saturday Funday: Went to Savers and Goodwill with Melissa looking for things to use as upcycled materials for hair accessories for The Green Corner store and Etsy. Picked up several vinyl purses and some kids color denim. Even picked up a few belts for redo. We were also looking for cute decor ideas for Jexica's Wedding. Picked up some milk carafes and a green jug at Goodwill for centerpieces. 

Then went to Benton to hang out with Amber and hit up thrifty places in the area. Spent 2 hours in Blue Suede Shoes and found a ton of interesting things, like a red velvet full leotard, silver lamae goucho pants, clip on earrings, records, signs. Had to leave because the closed, but the Uniques and Antiques right next door was open and I picked up an awesome Wonder Woman watch in mint condition. 

After our phones died we hit up Hastings for happy hour half price coffee and some electricity. Decided to go see a movie, The Woman in Black... Big mistake... Saturday night, 750pm movie... full of teens... who have no cinema ettiquette. Good movie though. Then after we hit up walmart for milk and to sniff the new Axe for women.
Realized while doing so that certain perfumes/colognes bring back memories. Its astounding how easily a quick sniff transports you back to High School, Flag Camp, College...

Sunday Lazy: made some Pinterest inspired breakfast... not impressive, we overcooked them a bit.... But they looked pretty.
While they cooked I had some more awesome coffee from my Keurig! 

While I was perusing some Pinterest and organizing all my "likes" onto my boards I got a text from Jess and Kristin from the mall... Went and hung out for a bit... Picked up some clearance Sperry wedges for $31!

Poor Scott was bored all weekend without me in the house. But it was so good to get out and see some of my girls!
** Until I can figure out how to get the photos to not rotate, you will have to just tilt your head. Sorry peeps!**

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