Friday, April 27, 2012

Things I love Thursday

Yes, I do know that it is Friday. But yesterday started at 6 am and ended at 1am this morning. Long long day. I had Wine and Design: Runway Edition 2012. This year was much much bigger than the previous years. A lot more work and a lot more decorations and setup. But we definitely had a lot more people show up. Which is more money for the charity.


Loren did an amazing job with the decorations. Scott from Harding made this awesome sign which we will definitely use for future events! I love the river in the background of this photo too.

All that being said… I am worn out… lots of setup and trying to find missing tickets from locations, keeping up with money, collecting money and extra tickets from the committee members and just trying to keep will call all up to date, which it wasn’t there were people who purchased online that I didn’t know about and so they didn’t have a ticket and they were quite…. vocal about their anger and I just don’t like people who don’t listen to suggestions on what we can do to make them happy and are just rude… Obviously the night had ups and downs… I got most of the downs in the torrent of crazy long line/crowd at the door. The years past have never been that packed, which is a sign we sold a lot. Most of the good came after when the designers and reps talked about how much fun it was and what a great job we all did. I think the problem was mainly the general public. We ordered 16 (I believe) cases of wine and we were out by the time the runway started, we then had to go buy another 70 bottle as a store close by. Gotta keep the wine flowing. But then at the end of the night we still had some bottle left over. They had been corked so we had to take them home, they can’t be stored for our next event once they’ve been corked. Hence: my Sunday plans for a girly bracelet party is going to include:


Aww yeah! Free wine?! I haven’t tried any of these but I imagine the White Zin will be good.

Before all the festivities I had to go out to Lonoke to get tags for my new car… then when I went to put them on the car…. I didn’t have any screws so I stopped at O’Reilly Auto parts… took a few tries to find the right ones but I got my tags on! Woo. But while there I couldn’t help picking up a few things for my car, like a shoulder strap cushion, its way cushier… is that a word?… than my last strap (which was scooby doo from when I was 16, which was holy cow almost 10 years ago). I also picked up an air freshener because when I run the ac in the car it smells a bit funky. Like a mix between stale and mildew. So I got myself an Ed Hardy (don’t hate) orange pouch that hangs from the mirror. AND… I picked this up for my sister:


After all that running around my poor car was on E!


Which isn’t bad since Scott filled up the tank… over 2 weeks ago. We’ve gone all over Little Rock, driven to Cabot a few times, I’ve been driving it daily now and then all the errands for yesterday on top of going all the way out to Lonoke. And I’m just now on E. This is awesome… Ahh… Goodbye 12 mpg.

I had an eventful Thursday…

Quick wrap up… Things I love Thursday: Finishing a project, corks as decorations, free wine, my new air freshener, my sister and her love of the yankees, 40 mpg, and that moment when your head hits the pillow after a really long day.




PS. Does anybody have any solutions/remedies for getting “charilie horses” in their calfs? All that stuff yesterday and I woke up 4 times last night with them. I can barely walk today.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

I spent all weekend cleaning the apartment! Ugh. But we got so much done. The kitchen is clean. The bedroom is cleared of all winter clothes, which freed up a lot of space. The living room is tidied. The bathroom is clean, finally. And the only thing left is the dining room which serves as my craft room. A lot of stuff from the other rooms got put into that room because I had exploded all my crafts throughout the whole apartment.

Now all I have to do is clean that one last room. And we are set to be normal people. LOL. My apartment gets really cluttered, and fast. I hope to keep it clean now. I have all hardwood floors through out and tile in the bathroom and linoleum in the kitchen, so dust and dirt just piles up in the corners and reek havoc on my allergies.

I also started an exercise program this weekend. I signed up for premium membership at my gym which includes workout plans and nutrition planner too! I’m still sore from the evaluation. Chest presses are not my friend!

Look for a post this weekend on the goals book!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Easy homemade wine cork keychain tutorial

You can make these fast and cheap!

Wine corks- so many have beautiful designs
Eye screws- I got mine from Home Depot. #214 package of 8 for only $0.98
Split keyrings- package of 6 was $1.47 at Hobby Lobby. (use coupons!) Or you could put them on necklaces!
Glue of choice- I used Aleene's fabric glue because it dries fairly quickly.

1. Dip eye screw into glue, just a little bit goes a long way.
2. Screw into cork, keep design in mind when choosing a side.
3. Clean up glue with qtip or paper towel.
4. Once dry put keychain on eye screw.

Done! Like I said, easy! ! !

~ Tamara

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up, a few days late… notice a trend?

This past week has been so so busy I haven’t had time to update my blog.

Last Friday was the 2nd Friday Art Night (aka 2FAN) at Bernice Garden and it was sort of a bust. It was great to see some different people than who was at the Christmas Night last year but with the Literary Festival going on in the Rivermarket we didn’t get much traffic. But now I have more ‘stock’ for next month ((see photo in previous post))

Saturday was a celebration for friends Tim & Jexica’s birthdays. We went to a local bar that serves up great Bratwurst (yum) and a whole slew of different beers (eww)… Tim made a toast to friends and birthdays and that his wife Melissa is pregnant!!! ahh ((see photo on previous post!)) Baby Christy already has a pinterest board! We are all so excited for this wee one! It is going to be so spoilt!

The rest of this week has just flown by, oh how it goes.



Wordless Wednesday... On Thursday...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

I love Microsoft Word. I really think it is under estimated sometimes. I made all these pricing signs using Word.
~ Tamara

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Last week went by so fast! Life moves too fast!

Saturday I got to celebrate one of my besties birthdays. Amber and I made it a good one! Amber picked up balloons!




That’s the birthday girl!



We kept saying it was a balloon car wash.

Which the birthday girl Caitlyn loves, and I picked up a gluten free, and therefore guilt free, cake!


We then headed up to Greenbrier for some egg dying fun! I only ever remember dying eggs once, at someone elses house. Not only did I get to dye eggs but Caitlyn picked me up a Phineas and Ferb set! I love Phineas and Ferb cartoon! I'm such a kid sometimes!





After dying eggs we headed into town to pick up a book being held for me at Hastings. (3 used books for $21! Can't beat that!) Then it was time for fried rice! After all the yumminess we made way to air up the kiddie pool to float our drinks in!





And drinking we did! Good times!


Sunday I got to see a friend of 14 years that I haven't got to see in over a year. Oh how time flies! I got to try a new restaurant and talk for hours! And I got to see her new house that I'm jealous of (I will have a house of my own soon!). And she even let me borrow seasons 1-3 of True Blood!

Then Yesterday I worked on decor for a charity event. Wine corks on a Styrofoam ball! 

And this morning I joined the crowd and downloaded Instagram for Android!


~That’s my update… lots of photos! Thanks, Tamara

Friday, April 6, 2012

Inspiration station

I happened upon this on Pinterest via Nina Garcia. It is a vintage dress but the first thing I thought was how gorgeous it would be as a wrap skirt.
I'm almost considering making something like this. I'll have to try out a plain wrap skirt, shorter in the front and longer in the back. Then test out my scallop skills.
I love the color but I picture it on my head in an ivory... Or champagne color.

~ Tamara