Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I made this a while back, updated!

Things to do before graduation (may 2010)
1. Find a beer I like
2. Dance and Kiss in the rain
3. Make out in an elevator
4. Win a game of : pool, darts, bowling, putt putt, or the like
5. Halloween party in a real costume (preferably made by me)
6. Go to a rooftop party
7. Hula hoop
9. Crawl through a window
10. Go to a new city
11. Build a fort
12. Sell 20 items on Etsy
13. Lost 15 lbs by New Year's Day
14. Make every Christmas present
15. Help make Brynn's 1st bday one to remember!
16. Improve my handwritting
17. Redo parent's kitchen
18. Take more photos
19. Do something that scares me

20. Reconnect with friends
21. Cook more
22. Be a bitch to someone who deserves it
23. Go to a concert
24. Never turn in an incomplete assignment
25. Understand football... finally
26. Throw a kickass party
27. Get a new tattoo
28. Read 5 new books 3 more to go!
29. Drunk karaoke
30. Road Trip
31. Go to the beach
32. Learn to do my makeup better
33. Start a movie night
34. Raid everyone's music again
35. Send someone flowers
36. Make new friends
37. Try a new food
38. Start running or biking
39. Do something spontaneous
40. Write a poem or short story
41. Do a photo shoot - pinup style (show off my tattoos)
43. Paint something
44. Sew a dress/outfit, wear it out
45. Land an awesome job
46. Go out dancing
47. Be stronger- Physically and Mentally
48. Spend a day in downtown LR, with a friend and a camera
49. Go to Cabot, Tech, and UCA homecoming games - FAIL... :(
50. Take Brynn to the zoo

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dallas trip was totally awesome! Here are some highlights
-getting on the road at 12
-stopping for gas and Katey walking in on a guy in the bathroom and screaming
-watching Pretty in Pink
-getting to Dallas in traffic
-getting to the Embassy Suites
-hotel room on the 9th floor- neener neener = 909 rm
-finding out Katey is afraid of heights
-going out and finding a place to eat
-AMAZING italian food
-having to move the car after an hour so as not to get a ticket
-back to the hotel for sleep- or staying up and working on homework...
-waking up
-Kayla wanting music and me turning on the cell block tango from Moulin Rouge
-Fantastic breakfast!
-making our way to market!!!
-market tour
-getting Katey up to the 15th floor
-talking to an apparel seller- worked for Neimen Markus- the shop had british telephone booth pj pant (gave me an idea for christmas gift for dad- if i can find the right fabric)
-amazing view
-lunch in the Market's cafeteria - mediocre fish and chips but everyone else loved their lunch
-fabulous clothes
-awesome furniture and lighting
-more tour around and around
- going to Pink's on 7th floor
-buying jewelry at amazing prices
-baby sample sales... Brynn now has a baby DKNY ruffle top and gold cardigan. so cute
-more sample sales
-finially leaving after 7 hours at market
-went to Mack's work Artemide's
-talked about how he ended up in dallas and work whatnot
-following Mack through town to get to the cheesecake factory
-AMAZING FOOD- I had calamari and stuffed garlic rolls and then the pumpkin cheesecake
-30 minutes at the Northpark mall before they closed- this mall is truly amazing
-back to the hotel
-sleep, sad about not getting to do more shopping
-wake up, breakfast, headout!
-watching Sweet Home Alabama
-stopped in texarkana for bbq- yum
-had to make a run to Hobby Lobby for Dazzle Daze coming up this week
-headed back home
-and then while sitting at home I get a huge surprise when Jexica walks in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-went to Moe's with Ryan and Jex
-rented GI Joe (wanted UP but blockbuster and hastings were out)
-rock band while I fell asleep on the recliner
-talked with Jex some more
-and on sunday I did absolutely nothing. I slept most of the day, my back hurt so I didn't move around too much. Got to watch Meet the Robinsons on abcfamily.

It was a great weekend. and now I have a ton of stuff to catch up on! ahhh homework... that is an entirely different post all together