Friday, February 24, 2012

Arr Mateys!

One of the very first things I pinned on Pinterest was some sailor inspired nails. Then a few dresses. Then a few outfits... I love the crisp clean patriotic colors and the whimsy that comes with Sailor Pin Up girls. I rounded up a few of my favorite items.

 (all images from Google image search)

1.       Polka dot mary jane heels?! OMG I want a pair!  
2.       I love the rope and knot work on these wedges. Wedges are just so much easier for me to walk in.  
3.       This shirt could be an awesome DIY. Start with a blue shirt – add some trim and buttons in white! 
4.       This slightly high waist and then the buttons are just sexy.
5.       I have a blue and white striped shirt, who wouldn’t love a red skirt with a bow to go with it?  
6.       These dresses look so cute. I wonder if I could get my friends to throw me a sailor themed birthday party? Everyone dress up? 
7.       I love baby doll dresses and this simple detailing on this one speaks to me. 
8.       Polyvore is awesome, I’ve tried using it but I just get so overwhelmed by the options, but with pinterest it’s become easier. This blue and white striped dress has so much movement. Love.
9.       This is an outfit I could wear everyday. I may try to make that bracelet. (Stay Tuned)
10.   Seersucker in blue and white stripes on a wrap dress? Classy! 

1.       Inspiration bracelet cuffs partially dyed. 
2.       Friendship bracelets, I love the chevron pattern. Make it Nautical using red, white, and 
black or use a natural color for an earthier look.  
3.       I love this simple loop bracelet and the anchor clasp detailing! 
4.       Layer leather, rope, and chain and braid it up. Hoist the sails!
5.       This looks so easy to do, would be great for an activity to do on a boat or at the lake/beach. 
6.       This is how to braid leather but what about some vinyl? Sparkly Red vinyl to match the boat seats?!
7.       This headband is so adorable! Make it bigger and use it as a belt over a flowy summer dress. 
8.       Double up on the rope and do the simple loop. Do what they did and sparkle it up using metallic rope. 

1.       Anchors Aweigh! I like the little dot of gold, makes it look like buckles.
2.       Stripes with a little heart!  
3.       Fishtale braid seems so appropriate for a day at the beach. /
4.       Or you could have perfectly curled beach hair.
5.       Or a cute braid to keep it off your neck in the breeze.
6.       This rope placemat would be awesome with a book and a drink sitting on top of it.
7.       Upcycle those old flip flops and make braided sandals. So many ideas!
8.       This necklace could be easily made with some stripes and a design of an anchor in the beads.
9.       Sequin trim and some glue give so many options! 

Hope you are as inspired as I was! ~Tamara

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