Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things I love Thursday : Arkansas Razorbacks

In Junior High we had to pick an extra curricular activity. I chose band. I loved being part of the band. In High School I decided to try out for the Color Guard in Marching Band. I loved it. Every single minute of it. The routines, the muscles I gained from spinning, the football games, the crowd, the true school spirit. Oh how I miss those days.

Ever since then I have loved football and school spirit. Admittedly, I can’t follow along with what is actually happening in the game as I am just recently learning what everything is and who all the players are and their job on the team. {Thanks Scott and Amber}

Since I graduated college and have moved out into the real world I really missed having a team to cheer for and to watch when football season came around. Luckily my state has a FANTASTIC college football team – The University of Arkansas Razorbacks! Razorback football is in a whole new dimension from what my college football was. The tailgating for a Hogs game is HUGE!

I’m working on making myself a game day dress {I’ll post instructions on that!} and in the mean time I decided it was time to make myself a desktop background. Everything I was finding online was plain, boring, blah. I’m a bit of a girly girl these days, who knew?! So I made some myself {Using Microsoft PowerPoint! No fancy software needed}, and I thought I’d share a few backgrounds each week to get everyone pumped about the games!


First Ones Up: Polka dots… oh how I love polka dots!

arkansas razorbacks go hogs 2 smarkansas razorbacks go hogs 3 smarkansas razorbacks go hogs sm

Download the zip file here.

You can download all 3 in a zip file from google docs.

{Disclaimer: I am not making any money from these backgrounds and no copyright infringement is intended. Chevron pattern used was obtained from Design House Digital, Polka Dot pattern used was obtained from Katie’s Wish blog}