Monday, March 7, 2011

Things to do in 2011

Things to do this year:
1. Take a watercolor class
2. Take a sculpting class.
3. Take Brynn to the zoo. Since I didn't last year.
4. Take Brynn and Amber to the Suess show at clinton library.
5. Tint the windows in my car.
6. Join Arkansas Thunder.
7. Buy a bike and find a good paved path to ride.
8. Go hiking and see waterfalls with Melissa and Tim.
9. Go to Memphis for my birthday. Have a diver, listen to Barbra Blue. Bbq spaghetti. Smores. Poutine (whatever that is).
10. Orlando- HP!
11. Friend dinner once a month, with themes.
12. Kidnap Jexica. Go to orlando. Hit up Savanna. Then the Biltmore Estate. Then drop her off in TN at grad school. Then memphis. Then home. Expensive and EPIC road trip.
13. My etsy. Something. That poor thing needs some love.
14. Buy photoshop, learn to use it.
15. Extra CAD classes from Pulaski Tech.
16. Construction Document Spec writing class through UALR.
17. LEED certification.
18. Help mom redo the kitchen.
19. Pay off all debts and bills except student loans.
20. Better my body. Flexibility. Strength. BMI. Make an improvement.
21. Be more optimistic.
22. Make a list of all the restaurants I want to try.
23. Force Amber to do crop nights at scrapbook corner with me! I also want to get my scrapbook up to date. So I need to print off from walgreens.
24. Paint my nails more often.
25. Change my hair color. Grow my hair out.
26. Inspiration boards!!!
27. Cook more.
28. Read more.
29. Make more.
30. Worry less.
This list may or may not expand.
SOTD: "I want to break free" queen
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Monday, February 7, 2011


Superbowl party was fun and food! Cupcakes were a hit. Commercials were funny. And then glee and SNL. Good times.

Today was so busy it went by in a flash.
Then I had a discussion with my mom about money. And all the money I owe people. And I'm probably going to be staying late at work to try for more money.

Goal: sell $50k, deliver $40k, make $4k. Need money now.

I need to make up some flyers to hand out.

Now I'm in bed. Trying to keep warm and replaying "i miss u" in my head, trying to truly believe it. Oh the power of jazz pants.

Song of the day: that one song from Thousand Suns by linkin park.


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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crafty day

I spent the day with Lissa! We went to Michaels and Hancock- where I found uber cute fabric to make business card holders and coffee cozies! I also found cute fabric for amber! Hello New York!
We had some major problems with Amy Butler's pattern. I'll post my review on my craft blog (with pics)
It was nice to be out of the house. And to have good food. Beef O'Brady's garlic parm boneless wings with marinara. YUM.
Can I just test crafts for a job?
Song of the day: "thunder" by boys like girls
Your voice was the soundtrack to my summer.