Monday, February 27, 2012



Obsessing over: Getting organized.

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Feeling: Like my body is trying to tell me something but I don't know what... I'm feeling weak. Every time I eat I start to feel queasy. My eyes feel like I need to put my sunglasses on. And my jaw keeps popping.

Needing to: Focus on being healthy. Better food. More water. Exercise. Focus and de-stress. Life moves forward.

Listening to: Soundtrack to Romeo + Juliet

Working on: Organizing. Then I'll be working on hair bows upcycled from purses, jeans, and belts.

Wishing I was: Richer? I really need a car. A radio, easier to handle, better gas mileage, etc.

Anticipating: Possibly camping this weekend.

Thinking about: Buying a house.

Drinking: Orange Fanta

In keeping with my sisters theme. I think we are going to try to post these every Monday along with:

Weekend wrap-up:

Friday I had an old couples night with Tim and Lissa. We had bbq and went to Barnes and Nobel. I picked up a H. P. Lovecraft book. Scott got a Ray Bradbury book along with a worst weapons book.
Saturday I went shopping and got fabulous deals, see previous post.
Sunday my mother came over to help me organize. Went to the Container Store and bought clear tubs in various sizes, under bed storage, and hangers. Then we tackled my craft room (aka dining room). I'm so glad. Everything is organized and I'm set up to do some crafting. I have a tub set for works in progress that I need to finish up. I feel like I can make progress now.

~ Tamara

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