Monday, February 27, 2012



Obsessing over: Getting organized.

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Feeling: Like my body is trying to tell me something but I don't know what... I'm feeling weak. Every time I eat I start to feel queasy. My eyes feel like I need to put my sunglasses on. And my jaw keeps popping.

Needing to: Focus on being healthy. Better food. More water. Exercise. Focus and de-stress. Life moves forward.

Listening to: Soundtrack to Romeo + Juliet

Working on: Organizing. Then I'll be working on hair bows upcycled from purses, jeans, and belts.

Wishing I was: Richer? I really need a car. A radio, easier to handle, better gas mileage, etc.

Anticipating: Possibly camping this weekend.

Thinking about: Buying a house.

Drinking: Orange Fanta

In keeping with my sisters theme. I think we are going to try to post these every Monday along with:

Weekend wrap-up:

Friday I had an old couples night with Tim and Lissa. We had bbq and went to Barnes and Nobel. I picked up a H. P. Lovecraft book. Scott got a Ray Bradbury book along with a worst weapons book.
Saturday I went shopping and got fabulous deals, see previous post.
Sunday my mother came over to help me organize. Went to the Container Store and bought clear tubs in various sizes, under bed storage, and hangers. Then we tackled my craft room (aka dining room). I'm so glad. Everything is organized and I'm set up to do some crafting. I have a tub set for works in progress that I need to finish up. I feel like I can make progress now.

~ Tamara

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deals of the day

I hit up some stores today and managed to grab a few great deals. Some things may get some updating and others are just new additions to my wardrobe. I have decided that I don't want to feel frumpy any more. I have clothes that make me feel good and it's time to kick those comfy frumpy clothes to the curb.

Target Clearance Double sets of gloves $0.60-1.00 each set.
I lose these things like crazy so I stocked up! And a dollar area
barrette for st patty's day! And of course some
awesome polishes! Most expensive one was $1.78!

Khol's was having an extra 25% off clearance prices and then I
had a weekend coupon for an extra 15% off my total purchase! I picked
up the silky black top for a good work look. The black c
ardigan fits amazingly and has a ruffle all the way around it!
The blue shirt is very ballet style and looks so good on me.

I hit up savers and I tried on a whole basket full of stuff and this is what I ended up getting. Some stuff is really cute but just doesn't work on my body type. I did pick up some awesome stuff though. I'm excited about the red plaid wrap top on the far left, I'm going to pair it with my tulle skirted black dress on monday! I also picked up a blue and white striped button up shirt style dress, which I may add some lace to the hem and a lace belt. A red gingham short sleeve top with blue shorts. And a classic pink and white button up, which amazingly enough had an extra snap button between the buttons to keep gaping from happening at the "girls"...I grabbed a couple belts for redo. I also picked up a clinique cosmetic bag for all my nail polishes. And yes for a whole $2 I bought the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack. heehee.

Have you found any good deals lately?


Friday, February 24, 2012

Arr Mateys!

One of the very first things I pinned on Pinterest was some sailor inspired nails. Then a few dresses. Then a few outfits... I love the crisp clean patriotic colors and the whimsy that comes with Sailor Pin Up girls. I rounded up a few of my favorite items.

 (all images from Google image search)

1.       Polka dot mary jane heels?! OMG I want a pair!  
2.       I love the rope and knot work on these wedges. Wedges are just so much easier for me to walk in.  
3.       This shirt could be an awesome DIY. Start with a blue shirt – add some trim and buttons in white! 
4.       This slightly high waist and then the buttons are just sexy.
5.       I have a blue and white striped shirt, who wouldn’t love a red skirt with a bow to go with it?  
6.       These dresses look so cute. I wonder if I could get my friends to throw me a sailor themed birthday party? Everyone dress up? 
7.       I love baby doll dresses and this simple detailing on this one speaks to me. 
8.       Polyvore is awesome, I’ve tried using it but I just get so overwhelmed by the options, but with pinterest it’s become easier. This blue and white striped dress has so much movement. Love.
9.       This is an outfit I could wear everyday. I may try to make that bracelet. (Stay Tuned)
10.   Seersucker in blue and white stripes on a wrap dress? Classy! 

1.       Inspiration bracelet cuffs partially dyed. 
2.       Friendship bracelets, I love the chevron pattern. Make it Nautical using red, white, and 
black or use a natural color for an earthier look.  
3.       I love this simple loop bracelet and the anchor clasp detailing! 
4.       Layer leather, rope, and chain and braid it up. Hoist the sails!
5.       This looks so easy to do, would be great for an activity to do on a boat or at the lake/beach. 
6.       This is how to braid leather but what about some vinyl? Sparkly Red vinyl to match the boat seats?!
7.       This headband is so adorable! Make it bigger and use it as a belt over a flowy summer dress. 
8.       Double up on the rope and do the simple loop. Do what they did and sparkle it up using metallic rope. 

1.       Anchors Aweigh! I like the little dot of gold, makes it look like buckles.
2.       Stripes with a little heart!  
3.       Fishtale braid seems so appropriate for a day at the beach. /
4.       Or you could have perfectly curled beach hair.
5.       Or a cute braid to keep it off your neck in the breeze.
6.       This rope placemat would be awesome with a book and a drink sitting on top of it.
7.       Upcycle those old flip flops and make braided sandals. So many ideas!
8.       This necklace could be easily made with some stripes and a design of an anchor in the beads.
9.       Sequin trim and some glue give so many options! 

Hope you are as inspired as I was! ~Tamara

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


No, I am not catholic. I'm doing Lent in the spirit of sisterhood and solidarity. Last year we gave up fried foods. This year is stepping up a bit.
I think after its over I'm still going to give up soda and sugary drinks like KoolAid. Stock up on water!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Totally tidal Tuesday?

Today has wiped me out. Did I get anything done? Ummm, no. darn. Better luck tomorrow? I did do some pinning this morning at work when I should have been focused on work. But my brain just wasn't in it today.
Sometimes I wonder what I'm going to do when this job is over... You see, my job is only a two year deal. After two years I can sit for my licensing exam, and thereby make more money somewhere else. And.... My boss is 60, he wants to retire as soon as his youngest is out of college.
But where to go when its over... I am really enjoying the planning of Jexica's wedding and I wonder if event planning might be something to look into...

On another note, wore my Sperry heels today!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Daily goals

I've been using Cozi to help me make and keep track of daily goals to help get my house and small business in order. Here its how my first day went...

Not check
Not check
About to do

Let's try again tomorrow.

My weekend in photos!

Saturday Funday: Went to Savers and Goodwill with Melissa looking for things to use as upcycled materials for hair accessories for The Green Corner store and Etsy. Picked up several vinyl purses and some kids color denim. Even picked up a few belts for redo. We were also looking for cute decor ideas for Jexica's Wedding. Picked up some milk carafes and a green jug at Goodwill for centerpieces. 

Then went to Benton to hang out with Amber and hit up thrifty places in the area. Spent 2 hours in Blue Suede Shoes and found a ton of interesting things, like a red velvet full leotard, silver lamae goucho pants, clip on earrings, records, signs. Had to leave because the closed, but the Uniques and Antiques right next door was open and I picked up an awesome Wonder Woman watch in mint condition. 

After our phones died we hit up Hastings for happy hour half price coffee and some electricity. Decided to go see a movie, The Woman in Black... Big mistake... Saturday night, 750pm movie... full of teens... who have no cinema ettiquette. Good movie though. Then after we hit up walmart for milk and to sniff the new Axe for women.
Realized while doing so that certain perfumes/colognes bring back memories. Its astounding how easily a quick sniff transports you back to High School, Flag Camp, College...

Sunday Lazy: made some Pinterest inspired breakfast... not impressive, we overcooked them a bit.... But they looked pretty.
While they cooked I had some more awesome coffee from my Keurig! 

While I was perusing some Pinterest and organizing all my "likes" onto my boards I got a text from Jess and Kristin from the mall... Went and hung out for a bit... Picked up some clearance Sperry wedges for $31!

Poor Scott was bored all weekend without me in the house. But it was so good to get out and see some of my girls!
** Until I can figure out how to get the photos to not rotate, you will have to just tilt your head. Sorry peeps!**

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love this. I want this. Ahhh. Love it.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentine

I bombarded Scott with all these pictures yesterday. All the things about us that I love. The best part is that I made them on my phone! I have 3 apps that I used. Photo editor that came on my phone, for crops. Color touch, free app that adds text. And camera zoom, not free but cheap, for color and distress and frames.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Maid of honor

I've known Jessica for eleven years now. And she asked me to be her maid of honor. I was in such shock. I haven been a part of someone's wedding and to have her ask me to be maid of honor was just... I'm gonna cry, again.
I just wanted to be involved and be a part of the planning, now I'm in it. Ahh
Pin board started. Smashbook started 6 months ago. Ideas galore!

These guys are going to be so fun to marry. They dated in high school. Heartbreak, young fools. They always kept in touch. I'm pretty sure he proposed every time they hung out.
And they got back together this past year. I knew then. I knew she knew. She knew I knew she knew.

And I have them to thank for introducing me to my amazing boyfriend.

So excited I'm going to cry,