Friday, July 5, 2013

Five minute Friday : Beautiful

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This weeks prompt was Beautiful. Which I think goes really well with the fitness friday post I posted earlier. I talk about self image and there is a bit that I didn’t have a chance to talk about. My now-husband once asked me when we were first dating where my confidence came from. And I honestly don’t know. I had amazing friends when I was growing up through my “awkward” phase. And then we were noticed for the weird things we did, but those weird things made us happy. So I’m quirky and weird and those things make me happy.

I also look it this way. Today, this is what I am going to look like right now, nothing will make me lose 80 pounds in one minute. I can work towards a goal, I can try to make myself better. I do not want to hate myself today for what I cannot change today. If that makes any sense what-so-ever! This is me for the day and this is how I will live the day. Why beat myself up over it because I didn’t wake up this morning as a supermodel?

I also think there is a difference between self-hate and wanting to be better. And I think most people, especially young girls do not see the difference.



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