Friday, March 9, 2012

Shopping for Jexica's wedding

This week I took of the days to help my friend Jexica do prep work for her wedding. And I tried on  probably 14 dresses (probably 40 between all five of us) for options for the bridesmaids. I personally love the dress she picked (it has pockets). Then watched her try on a good 40 dresses. Including every lace dress that David's bridal had. Then we went to The Bridal Cottage and she tried on five dresses and then we all cried.
But it has to be altered and the sales woman said the first thing the seamstress its going to ask is if she has her shoes. And since poor Jex its trying to plan this during her spring break that meant we were on a shoe mission! Cut to six stores later... Really, nobody has blue shoes? So the next day we hit up five more and low and behold, DSW to the rescue! Not only did they have several shoes in blue but we also found bridesmaids shoes! Which I also love!

I was worn out! But I think she got so much done. And as evidenced by the crowd at dinner Wednesday night, she has plenty of help!
~ Tamara
Ps. The dress in the picture is not THE dress, I can't ruin the surprise.

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