Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Key lime cupcakes

Here is how I made the key lime cupcakes from this weekend.
I found this pin which took me to this blog post.
I had to improvise a little bit when I realized that I needed lemon cake and I was using just yellow cake mix... BUT I had some lemonade drink mix! So I added 2 of those, in hindsight I might only use 1. I followed the blog for the rest if the cake ingredients (oil, lime jello, oj).
Them comes the icing. I didn't think the cream cheese would be what I was looking for so I made a buttercream and mixed in some oj. It was a major fail! It kept separating...
Plain cupcakes it is!
They were perfect for after spicy crawfish and sausage. Just the perfect amount of tang.
~ Tamara

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