Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Politics is not my scene

I don't get into politics much. I only have so much room in my brain and my job is taking up most of it. Add in crafts and memories and its full...

But with the upcoming elections this year and the censorship of the internet (honestly the only reason I knew was because its posted all over Facebook) I felt I might give my opinion...

There are rights I feel should not be taken away from us. Taxes could be lower. Reforms could be made...

But every day that I don't have to cover my whole body. Every day I can go to my job and be treated as an equal. Everyday I drive my truck. Everyday I have food to eat. Everyday I can spend with the man I choose.

I am grateful for each of these days. As Americans we want more. More money, more power, more freedom.... When we are already have more than enough.

Thus is why I don't do politics... It could always be worse.


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