Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Workshop Wednesday

Today on Wedding Workshop Wednesday I’d like to share the specific items that I found (through blogs and mostly Pinterest) that we will DIY for our wedding! {People doing the DIY projects include: all of my bridesmaids, a couple of awesome friends, and my mom}

First up the flowers:

I found this awesome tutorial on paper flowers over at ellinee. I saw a bouquet on etsy that was made from books and went searching for how to make my own book page roses and the best one I found was hers. Others have you cutting out each and every petal separately. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I will say for ours the center I did 3 petals instead of 2 and I also added another 4 petal set to the stack. It takes 3 pages to make 2 flowers, we used both paperback size (the larger size not the little ones) and hardback size. I picked up a couple Harry Potter books at flea markets and my maid of honor was nice enough to donate her old paperbacks that had been a little worn out by her kiddo.

Our version:

2013-01-05 21.12.032013-01-06 15.45.152013-01-27 15.18.25

This is the inspiration for the guys boutineers(I constantly misspell that word so please just ignore it if I do it again).

I have a tub of old comics I’ve picked up here and there for a couple bucks. Time to make them useful! I might even let each groomsman pick out which comic they want…

Next up: Décor. You have to have something to put the flowers in right? I have two milk crates full of bud light platinum bottles, such a pretty blue color. And this is what I plan to do with them:

Right now all I have done is the labels off of about half. The best and easiest way to get the label off the platinum bottles is with a razorblade and just scraping small pieces at a time.


I’ll be back with more Wedding Workshops in 2 weeks!


Much Love


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