Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Home Management Binders Inspiration

I’ve been pinning and pinning and pinning (no surprise there) and I have accumulated several pins on my Tips, Tricks, Cleaning & Organization board that involve Home Management Binders. I also noticed that several of my close girlfriends were also pinning them. So I thought I’d throw together a post on some binder inspiration.

I also want to go step by step and make one for my home. I’ve also asked a couple of my girl friends to help me out and make one too. We all have different styles and it will be fun to see how different they are!

forty two eleven blog home management binder setup inspiration

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This is a full printable set you can get from Crystal Wilkerson that goes into a mini size 3 ring binder. The colors are bright and fun. She also includes motivational quotes to put throughout as well. The set will run you $30-35 depending on which one you purchase. It can be purchased here.

The Nest Effect has several posts one by one on each section of her binder, you can purchase her set here for $45. Her binders are based on the Dave Ramsey method of debt repayment. Her sections include: Debt, Savings, Budget and Home Information.

Over on Twenty62 blog you can find another section by section posts on how she set hers up. She also gives you printable versions for FREE. Who doesn’t love free? Her sections include: Cover, Calendar, Contacts, Meal Planning, and Cleaning.

Another fabulous setup in a mini size binder from A Bowl Full of Lemons. She shows you how she set up all her tabs and such using a lot of Martha Stewart for Avery products. Her sections include: Monthly, Notes, To do, Menu planning, Budget, Blog, sponsors, ideas, giveaways, income, checklists, and School. She also uses color coding to help keep organized (I don’t know about you but Color Coding works wonders for me and my visual brain!

Over on Sprouting a Little Nostalgia she has a really big binder! Her sections include: birthdays, week at a glance, daily, new years resolutions, thoughtfulness planner, to do lists, long term to do, home balance sheet, blogging to do list, carpool to do, a “honey-dew” list, recipes, menu planner, grocery list, cleaning, faith, contacts, health, family night, infertility, important numbers (docs, etc), homeschool, fitness, baby sitters, home repair, business, goals, parenting goals, hobbies, college, pets, vehicles, parties, warranties, Christmas, family time, passwords, organizing, taxes, notes, and finally blogging. Told you it was a big one. She breaks down each section and what she has in it and even links to printables she used.


Over at Dawn at Home she doesn’t use a binder but instead uses a file crate with 52 folders with each week on them. She also staples paper to the front cover to use as her weekly planning sheet. I think this is an excellent idea too. You could put birthday cards into the week that they are in, have bills in the week. You just pull out the week you are in and work through them that way. She also sticks a month at a glance calendar in the front with a note pad. I think this is a great alternative to a binder! (especially if you are home schooling like she is). I also think this would be great to put memories from that week in to the file folders to scrapbook later (school projects, ticket stubs, photos, etc).


I hope these links and inspirations help you get motivated to make a Home Management binder for yourself. I will be back soon with ways to start out your binder, including recovering old binders, where to get the best prices on supplies, and ways to make your own tabs!


See you soon!


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