Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have been having soooo much inspiration and stuff lately. It's a little ridiculous.

Yesterday I went on a group outing with the UCA ASID student group. It was so much fun. We toured the Terry Mansion, the Military Museum, had lunch, then went to the Pharaoh Exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center. The Exhibit was awesome! So much stuff. I particularly like all the jewelry, makeup, and a dress they had. One of the mummified people they had, you could see the shoulder bone where the linen had degraded away. It was creepy and interesting at the same time.
During the lunch break we had all the other girls wanted to go somewhere else but we had said Vino's at first, but they went to Sticky Fingers, so I went with the teachers to Vino's (they were cheaper). Well it pays off to hang with the teachers, not only did I learn about an amazing Design school in Savannah GA, but we went to a place across the street (trying to not give it away) and they mentioned they would be needing an intern soon. They will be getting my resume as soon as it's finished (along with my portfolio). It's very exciting, I'd love to work there!!!! And hopefully it pays because I need a job hard core right now.

For my Retail Design class we are redoing a local store. We are redecorating the entire store, paint and all. She just got in a lot of christmas stuff, with more on the way. And we were each assigned a section and certain things (like the lime green & red ornaments, the bed they have in stock, the chair, the faux fireplace, the brown and gold ornaments [mine!]). We are each working indivitually but then we get to work together so they flow from section to section. Me and Rebecca (section next to mine) are just working together because our spaces flow so well with each other. We are painting the very back wall gold (metallic and all). Its so very exciting. They are painting this weekend I believe, and then next Thursday we get to start moving stuff around and claiming more of the merch for our seciton! I really hope that we can have some sort of ad or open house thing. I'd love for every one in Conway to come see it! Diana has great merch!

I've started carrying my camera with me everywhere. I love being able to have photos again, I lost the darn thing for almost a whole year!

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